A day of inspiration, transformation, & conversation among big thinkers, game changers, movers & shakers from around the world - all to empower your impact.



We have a lot of things on our to-do lists: programs to launch, tasks to complete, projects to finish, errands to run, and meetings to attend. As high performers and game changers, it can be easy to remain in "doing" mode - with our head down, working hard to finish the next thing on the list. Most of us have very long lists.

In order to create the greatest possible impact in the world, we need to pause every once in a while, step out of "doing" mode, step back to look at what's most important, and refuel. We need to connect with our tribe of other individuals who are creating significant impact in the world.

This will be a day of conversation, connection, sharing perspective and experiences, and refueling - so that you can go back out into the world recharged and refueled - along with the option to stay connected to the Inspired Impact tribe moving forward. Join us for a couple sessions, tune in for the full day, or gather your team and a conference room and make it a day of professional and personal development.