2:15pm-3:15pM cst

Led by Lauren Brett Randolph


One day you wake up and say...

“WTF? Is this it? I thought…wait, what?” Or maybe it’s been a slow process and you start to regain consciousness from your sleepy slumber party of one. An eye peeks open. Geez sure looks grey in there. Through your grogginess you think “I thought my life would feel so different….how did I get here, where did I go?”

In this session, we’re going to get raw and real and truthful. Lauren will get this party started by telling her story about how truth kicked her in the ass. Literally. Think fresh snow covered ice, a pair of Sorels (for you warm weather folks….Sorels are crazy warm winter boots) and a big ol’ whoop! SLAM, ouch, broken tailbone kind of fall on the arse.

What do you do when you wake up and clearly see that the life you are living isn’t what you want? Brrr….baby, it’s cold outside! You pull the covers back up and go back to sleep, that’s what you do!

Until you can’t anymore.

In this interactive session Lauren will share some ideas on how to take your life from blah to BRILLIANT by:

  • Getting real with yourself – Radical honesty is on the menu. What are the stories you’re telling yourself? What do you really want?
  • Letting go of what other people think – Gag the judgers and haters
  • Learning to slow dance with your wildness – Uh huh….there may be a shoulder roll or two…
  • Tapping into your *inner team* in order to live a juicy life

You’ll leave this session inspired to create a luscious life that’s in alignment with what you really want. No more waiting. The time is NOW. Get ready to light your own fire!

This session is for anyone who wants #more.