8:00aM-8:45aM cst

Fireside Chat & Workshop Led by Sophie Turner


We all do it or have done it –

Grabbed your phone to check your social media feed, text, or connect with a client overseas – and ignored your child, friend, spouse, colleague or that presenter nervously speaking at the front of the room. Have you ever asked yourself why you did that?  Or, what’s the impact of your behavior on them?

How has technology changed the way you communicate, engage, and interact with people who matter to you?  

The convenience of technology has enabled us to turn to our devices to address boredom, intimacy gaps, or to distract us from the discomfort, fear, criticism or judgement that real, demanding, messy, face-2-face conversations bring.

And it keeps us out of meaningful conversation.

In this interactive session, you’ll learn about the latest research on how communicating digitally has interrupted the social development and mental well-being of our children, ourselves, and the world around us. You’ll gain personal insight to help you recognize your trigger points, how to face them, and the conversations you may have previously avoided.